Ferritecoin (FEC)

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Primary Markets (2 Active) - Total Market Volume: ~$404
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Design Of Ferrite
- Utilitarian
Common metal intended to be used as "bad money" under Gresham's Law.
- Low value allows for cheap entry
Ferrite is to Litecoin's silver and Bitcoin's gold.
- Plentiful yet rare supply
Total supply is 60.22m which is ~3x larger than Bitcoin's 21m but smaller than Litecoin's 84m.
- Practical
Block time of 60 seconds where block latency is negligible yet transactions are confirmed fast.

Why create another altcoin?
- Most coins have overly inflated prices and therefore a high barrier to entry.
- A desire to create a faster, better coin which addresses the challenges brought about by low confirmation times.
- To learn and experiment with cryptocurrency without worrying about the finances.
- To create another coin with a fair start and zero premine.

Ferrite is a new proposal to optimize the transaction speed and cost of Bitcoin and Litecoin, with a block time of 60 seconds and larger block size of 4MB. (10x faster than Bitcoin, near zero fees) Similarly, it is an electronic cash system that operates on a peer-to-peer network and eliminates the need for a trusted third party. These systems aim to solve the problem of double-spending through the use of digital signatures and a proof-of-work mechanism using hashing algorithms such as SHA-256 and Scrypt that creates an ongoing chain of timestamped transactions that cannot be altered as a secure evidence of the sequence of events generated by the hashing work of miners in mining pool nodes. Ferrite is designed to have a low barrier to entry to allow for mass adoption and seeks to be the ferrous base metal digital equivalent of Litecoin's silver and Bitcoin's gold.
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