List Your Asset

Before you begin the listing process, ensure you have created an account on XeggeX and are currently logged in. The account you use to submit the application will also be the account you use for managing your asset listing in the future. If you need to create a special or separate account, go ahead and do that now. We can take the integration payment in Dokdo Token (DKD), you can purchase that token on this and other exchanges, including Pancakeswap. Ensure your account is funded before starting, as payment is required at time of submission.

Premium Asset Listing + Market Making Service
Integration Fee: 5000 DKD (~ $500) DKD/USDT


  • Asset can be from any codebase
  • You must NOT be currently having an ICO.
  • Asset must NOT be a privacy coin where the sender or receiver cannot be publicly known.
  • You must have an Active user community
  • Details about your asset must be clear to understand

  • What You Get
  • Up to 3 Markets, Your choice of base pairings (BTC, LTC, ETH, BNB, USDC, USDT DOGE)
  • Included in the 'Highlighted Assets' list for 3 days
  • Announcement on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and News Blog
  • Free technical support & wallet updates
  • XeggeX Professional Market Making
  • A notification email about the listing will be sent to all subscribed users

  • The market making service is included in the price. We will provide the liquidity in your pairings. If you will be bringing your own market making and do not wish to use ours, then let us know after you submit the application.

    I'm Ready to List Premium

    If your project does not meet the requirements, do not submit the application.

    * We reserve the right to change prices at any time. However, we will not change the price for anyone who has already paid.

    Have Questions? Contact our official listing manager here:

    Telegram   @thicompan

    * We have only 1 listing manager (@thicompan) and he will not DM you first. Anyone else that sends you a DM with offers for listing are scammers and you should block and report them.
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