List Your Asset

You must be part of the official team of the asset OR have specific permission from them to begin the listing process. If you are a referring listing agent, contact us first to register an ID code and receive guidelines.

We are upfront about our fees and offer fair pricing to our clients.
Integration Fee: $4999 (USDT)
Locked Liquidity: $200 for EACH market you want ($100 value of each asset in the pair)

There are no additional fees other than what is stated above.

  • You must NOT be currently having an ICO nor planning to use our platform for ICO.
  • You must have an Active user community on Telegram or Discord
  • You must have a website which explains your project and the details about your asset must be clear to understand.
  • You must not be advertising a product that does not exist or making false claims or associations
  • You must have a block explorer (N/A for tokens)
  • You must have an official twitter
  • If your coin has released software, it must pass security review
  • If your asset is a token, then it must NOT have transfer taxes. Buy & Sell taxes are okay, as long as they are reasonable. Changes to taxes after listing may result in delisting.
What You Get
  • Up to 2 Markets, Your choice of base pairings (BTC, LTC, ETH, BNB, USDC, USDT, DOGE, XPE)
  • Announcement on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and News Blog
  • Free 2 day advertisement spot on the highlighted assets list
  • Free technical support, information updates, and wallet updates
  • Basic automatic market making (AMM) in your markets using the liquidity you provide.
  • Your data is published to all the aggregator websites we report to. You may need to send them notice after listing, as they do not always automatically associate the new information. Aggregators we send data to: CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Cryptorank, CoinPaprika,, Coincodex, LiveCoinWatch, CoinMarketLeague
Integration Timeframe
  • Tokens: 2 - 4 Days
  • Native Assets: 2 - 7 Days
  • Newly released software may take longer for security review
  • Additional time may be required if any programming is needed to connect your asset into our systems
AMM Market Making Service (included with all listings)
The market making service is an internal AMM system using our liquidity pools. You must setup your liquidity pools prior to activating the spot markets to ensure your orderbooks are filled at launch time. The AMM is an included and required service and helps to ensure your orderbooks and charts look good for potential traders of your asset, as well as making your data look good for data aggregation websites such as CoinGecko. The AMM system does not create large volume, it only creates small volume to keep your charts looking good.

More info about the AMM system here
More info about how to create a Liquidity Pool here

Advanced Market Making Service (Additional service, available either managed or unmanaged)
Looking for more control of your market making? OHO Trading Bot is an advanced cryptocurrency trading bot, built for the purpose of market making, providing liquidity and increasing trading volumes on cryptocurrency pairs. Cryptocurrency projects can use OHO Trading Bot to improve the health of their markets, provide adequate liquidity to their order books, and increase their trading volumes to entice traders and investors. With a user-friendly interface, intuitive features and 24/7 support, you'll have all the tools you need to increase the volumes on your trading pair and maintain complete control over the price movements. XeggeX has partnered with OHO to offer exclusive service to our new listings.

Unmanaged Account: $500 one time fee
Unmanaged account means that we give you the login for the tool, but everything else you manage on your own, such as setup and fine tuning the settings to your needs.

Managed Account: $200 per month plus liquidity allotment
Managed account means that we will setup and maintain the settings for your bot for you. Liquidity allotment required depends on the goals you wish to achieve. Contact us to consult about this.

Note: The advanced services are only for your markets at XeggeX and does not include any other exchanges.

More info about OHO Trading Bot here

Other bots and custom api programming
We have developed a connector for Hummingbot, which is available in our Github repository. Also provided in Github are example libraries that you can use in your custom programming for api requests to our system. Github Repositories

Have Questions? Ready to list? Contact our official listing manager here:

Asset Listing Manager
Telegram   @GeraldoNonKYC
If your project does not meet the requirements, do not contact us.

* We have only 1 listing manager (@GeraldoNonKYC) and he will not DM you first. All listing payments are made directly through our website. Do not send funds anywhere else.

XeggeX provides the trading platform only, and makes no guarantees as to how well your asset will trade. Attracting traders to your asset is completely up to you and your project.

Delisting policy: We reserve the right to delist any asset or market at any time for any reason. However, the main reasons for delisting include: Website no longer works, Explorer no longer works, Team has abandoned project, or the Blockchain no longer is producing new blocks or has several forks. We do not have a minimum volume requirement. However if your asset is producing very minimum or zero volume for a long time and has multiple markets, we will likely close the least performing market.
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