About XeggeX

Founded in 2021, XeggeX.com strives to provide its users with the best trading experience and give small and medium market cap assets a reliable trading hub. Our goal is to maintain a fast and user friendly system while also concentrating on security to keep users, data, and assets safe. Security of our users' data & assets is always our top priority and we are focused on building an easy to use digital asset trading platform for everyone to enjoy.

The XeggeX platform system is NOT from some predesigned script package or preexisting codebase. It has been created from the ground up by professional developers who are well experienced in Cryptocurrency. XeggeX has been designed to scale horizontally as we grow to become a top tier exchange.


We run audits on our security system and employ multiple third party and internal backend audit systems on the exchange to keep the funds of our users safe and secure.


We strive to be a leading blockchain company and to provide fast and efficient real-time transactions. This ensures our users can deposit and withdraw their digital assets quickly.


User experience is another top priority. We strive to provide our users with an easy to understand trading experience and welcome any feedback our users may have.


We work hard to make sure our services always work when you need them. We make full backups of our systems every four hours and store them in a separate secure facility.

Cross-crypto deposit addresses

The same address is used for the same series of cryptocurrencies, which effectively reduces the user's asset loss caused by incorrect deposits. For example, ETH, BSC, ERC-20, BSC-20 all have the same deposit address. This allows for less confusion when depositing your funds.

Hot and cold wallet storage

Most assets exceeding a threshold value are stored in off-site cold wallets, while a small amount of digital currencies are kept in hot wallets. This ensures the safety of the user’s assets while allowing for fast withdrawals.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor verification when logging in and withdrawing assets to help keep users safe.

System backups

We make backups of all user wallets, databases, and code every 4 hours, which are stored in a separate secure facility and retained for at least 30 days. All data can be easily restored even if the servers are damaged. We also make a user balances snapshot once per hour as part of the backup process. The database is backed up in two separate ways and stored in two separate locations. One is a point in time snapshot backups, which is considered the be the authoritive backup. The other is a full dump backup and stored in a different location.

Server Security

We do not use password authentication on any of our servers. We make effective use of firewalls and employ login failure banning. We use strong randomly generated password for all rpc endpoints. Daemon processes run in a very limited user environment and cannot access other information on the same machine. The front end website has no direct access to any wallet RPC ports.

Real-time asset transfers

We support fast deposits and withdrawals (Generally within 2 minutes). We use dynamic withdrawal fees based on the current state of the network. We are proud to maintain some of the lowest withdraw fees in the industry.

The Team

Lead Architect & Founder

Base of Operations: Europe





Business Director

Base of Operations: Asia





Customer Relations Lead

Base of Operations: North America



Developer & Security

Base of Operations: Europe

Quality Assurance

Base of Operations: Europe

Developer & IT

Base of Operations: North America



Graphic & Web Design

Base of Operations: Europe

Mobile App Developer

Base of Operations: Europe



Frontend Developer

Base of Operations: Europe

Mod T
API Developer

Base of Operations: Europe

Want to be part of the team? Do you have the skillset necessary or can contribute somehow? Contact either Karl or Mike.

Our Roadmap

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