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Pulsar is a community driven coin that offers multi chain POW mining (CPU and GPU) as well as POS staking. It is the compromise between Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake systems while implementing both reward systems into the blockchain allowing for maximum functionality & efficiency while adding protection from more common security vulnerabilities. We chose to include a hybrid consensus because we believe this is the most versatile form of reward distribution. We want our audience / community members to understand that they have multiple ways to earn PLSR and they’re not trapped with one option that may have unintended consequences on the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as a whole.

One of Pulsars most favorable properties is the ability to stake coin in a private core wallet without the need for depositing collateral in master nodes or locking it for determined amount's of time. The coin is always available for use and can be withdrawn and deposited without any consequences or hindrance to the staking function. You are in total control of your asset at all times. Pulsar serves as a cryptocurrency that auto generates liquidity and this is meant to not only compete with traditional savings accounts but outperform them many times over with a current Variable APY of 50-60% and even higher when supplemented with mining. Pulsar also offers a shared staking pool to the community through the discord staking wallet which comes with the ability to pay, tip and receive PLSR in a social environment. We do this by operating two algorithms in parallel, one proof of stake and one proof of work. Both complete the Pulsar Blockchain allowing the coin to be staked and mined simultaneously without the rewards from either of the algorithms to be obscured by the other. There are a set number of rewards for both. What this means is that you could potentially increase your gains by staking/saving in your wallet as well as mine directly to your wallet thus increasing your balance and compounding gains. Depending on your mining hash rate you could realize gains well over 100%.

Core properties and new features are always being developed and there is a plethora of new and exciting projects under way including a new mobile web wallet with private staking abilities without the need to host a wallet or use shared hosting. Discord bot exchanges and wallets allowing integration into any and all servers, Payment app for POS systems, Online store front, Auto compounding for web wallets and more...
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