Euterpe Token (EUT) has been listed on XeggeX exchange in the following markets:


About Euterpe Token (EUT)
Introduction: Euterpe is the world’s first IP-powered NFT as a Service with SocialFi platform. It's building a professional B2C marketplace of high-quality IP NFT, immune from infringements and scams prevalent on other NFT platforms. Its marketplace also features an inherent SocialFi ecosystem, turning passive fans into proactive stakeholders who strive to earn mining rewards by their contributions to the community. IP is everything in Metaverse. Euterpe starts with musical IP and is posited to grow into the everything store in Metaverse for the next decade. Euterpe is backed by Fenbushi Capital, Huobi Ventures and BingX, and has been featured by Forbes, Financial Times, and Tedx. In January 2023, Euterpe launched its first batch of IP NFT, which was sold out within 8 minutes and reached Top 3 among all OpenSea projects ranked on hourly transaction volume. Highlights: 1. Euterpe's whitepaper was the first blockchain whitepaper in the world published by an SSCI law journal and awarded the Top Paper Prize by Machine Lawyering Conference. 2. Euterpe has formed strategic partnership with iHQ, a top 5 entertainment group in Korea, and with HKFAEx, a top 3 financial exchange in Hong Kong. It has onboarded over 30 Asian record labels and 2 Hollywood movie studios.

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Links to other details can be found on our asset information page here: XeggeX Asset Info for EUT
Posted by: Karl @ 12/19/2023, 10:22:09 AM GMT