RAYN (AKTIO) has been listed on XeggeX exchange in the following markets:


What Is Rayn (AKTIO)? Rayn's journey began with a realization by its founder, Gaël Itier, who observed that in the world of finance and new technologies, the focus was on spending rather than effectively managing savings. He created Rayn with a clear vision: to make savings more modern and appealing. Rayn aims to transform how people save by integrating the best of traditional finance with blockchain innovation, making savings more accessible, engaging, and tailored to our times. Registered with the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) as a VASP since the summer of 2023, the company helps its users grow their savings - often dormant in traditional financial channels. By creating an account, users get an account with a dedicated IBAN and a VISA debit card, along with the ability to make instant SEPA transfers to 36 countries and pay in euros or crypto with their Rayn Visa card. Savings are at the heart of Rayn's offerings, with three main products: Flex Vault, a savings solution offering up to 6.5% annual interest rates and interest paid out daily. The second product is Blockchain Vault, allowing for returns of up to 18.99% per year through Bitcoin mining. And finally, the third is Term Vault, which enables returns of up to 10% through Bitcoin mining and DeFi. The app also allows trading of over 100 cryptocurrencies with a simple and intuitive interface, providing access to the latest market news, expert analysis, and Market Sentiment identifying the most promising opportunities. Rayn is the financial app revolutionizing this market, offering users the ability to consolidate all of their financial products in one place while making their money work for them.

Find out more information at their website here: https://www.rayn.finance/

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Posted by: Karl @ 4/30/2024, 8:23:03 AM GMT