Polygon (MATIC) has been listed on Xeggex exchange in the following markets:


About Polygon (MATIC)
Matic Network is a scalable blockchain platform with a whole set of products and tools helping developers create decentralized apps. It implements side-chains for off-chain computation while relying on the Proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and Plasma framework for providing the high level of the platform’s security. The project has already developed Plasma MVP (Minimum Viable Plasma), WalletConnect protocol, and the Ethereum event notification engine Dagger. The platform is powered by a utility token under the same name. Matic Network explained Matic Network names itself a blockchain agnostic Layer-2 scaling solution with the key goal to facilitate scalable, instant and secure transactions on the blockchain. Initially built upon the Ethereum Network, it adds Plasma-based side-chains on top of it to ensure asset security. In order to resolve the scalability problem inherent to Ethereum and all its derivatives, Matic Network provides Layer-2 solutions which in theory can help it process 2^16 or near 65,000 transactions per block. In addition, it eliminates the problem of interoperability via DEXs which would help users change cryptocurrencies based on different blockchains (for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum) directly between their own wallets.

Find out more information at their website here: https://polygon.technology/

Links to other details can be found on our asset information page here: XeggeX Asset Info for MATIC
Posted by: Karl @ 9/9/2022, 11:21:39 AM GMT