Nexa (NEXA) has been listed on XeggeX exchange in the following markets:


About Nexa (NEXA)
Nexa is the most scalable L1 PoW ever, complete with native tokens and smart contracts. Nexa achieves security using cryptographic techniques, such as key cryptography, digital signatures, and hashing. Transactions on Nexa are secured via Proof-of-work mining, where participants compete to solve mathematic puzzles that give them the right to add a new block of transactions to the ledger and receive a reward in return. This ensures that the network is resistant to attacks and transactions cannot be undone.

Nexa is made permissionless by using a distributed network of nodes that operate independently. This ensures no single entity or government can censor the blockchain. Additionally, Nexa is completely open-sourced and transparent, meaning anyone can review and contribute to the development or view the public ledger.

Nexa achieves scalability by using a revolutionary proof-of-work algorithm that removes the major bottlenecks of blockchain nodes that limit scalability: Signature verification, and UTXO look-ups. By utilizing hardware to do these compute heavy tasks, Nexa has the ability to scale for global usage of 10 billion transactions per day. As more miners and hardware join the network, the more that Nexa scales.

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Posted by: Karl @ 3/18/2023, 12:40:26 PM GMT