Mktcash (MCH) has been listed on Xeggex exchange in the following markets:


About Mktcash (MCH)
Proof of stake: Users who maintain their online wallets with a coin guarantee participate in the maintenance of the network and earn a percentage of rewards Masternodes: Make the Mktcash blockchain more secure and faster, with masternodes get a higher percentage of rewards for your participation in the network. Open source: Mktcash is open source, you can check its security or apply improvements to the current protocol. Faster transactions: Send or receive coins anywhere in the world within seconds with the security and speed that the mktcash network offers.

Find out more information at their website here:

Links to other details can be found on our asset information page here: XeggeX Asset Info for MCH
Posted by: Karl @ 1/30/2023, 2:33:01 AM GMT