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About Cyberyen (CY)
Cyberyen is the open source code that allows the decentralized network of computers (nodes) to verify that transactions are legitimate. You maybe hear people make references to miners, nodes, developers, or users “voting” there is no such mechanism that can enable a majority vote of any kind to coerce a minority of dissenters into accepting changes with which they disagree. Cyberyen is anarchy — without rulers, but not without rules. The rules are defined and enforced by participants on the network. Changes to the Cyberyen code itself are made via the BIP "Bitcoin Improvement Proposal" process (historically used in the cryptocurrency forefather), even this is only a recommended best practice and no one can be forced to follow it. It is merely a more formalized way of trying to guide a change through a process of peer review and consensus building. It is a crucial aspect to Cyberyen’s antifragility — if there was a single point of control, it would also be a single point of failure that would be exploited by powerful entities that are threatened by Cyberyen’s success. Ultimately, each node operator governs themselves by ensuring that no one else on the network is breaking the rules to which they agree. This security model is the foundation for Cyberyen’s bottom-up governance.

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Links to other details can be found on our asset information page here: XeggeX Asset Info for CY
Posted by: Karl @ 3/18/2023, 10:17:50 AM GMT